One Day Boat Tours Around Seattle Washington

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Sightseeing on a Boat in Seattle is a Blast

Seattle Washington is great place to visit if you have never been there.

Washington, part of the Oregon Territory is rich with history and will leave you wanting to discover more about it. The state of Washington is known for its rainy days, legal cannabis and legal same sex marriages. Seattle, where the headquarters for Amazon and Microsoft, is great place to visit if you like the water.

There are many different water attractions there for you and your family. One of the most iconic landmarks in Seattle is the 1969 Space Needle. It stands tall and proud in the skyline and is noticeable from miles away. If you plan on visiting Seattle you might want to consider one of the many boat tours or cruises that the city has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the different boat tours that you can enjoy while you are there.

Scenic Boat Cruises

The scenic, or sightseeing cruises, will offer you a cruise around Seattle in a group setting. These tours can last anywhere from one hour to four hours depending on what package you choose. They have tours that are geared for families, large groups, smaller groups, or even wine cruises that cater to couples. These tours will take you into the harbor and on Lake Washington and will give a panoramic view of the city. Most of the scenic tours will have full bar on board and nonalcoholic beverages as well. You can expect for your tour to be narrated and you can also expect for about fifty to seventy five passengers to be on board with you.

Seattle Ferry Day Tours

Washington State Ferries is the largest ferry system in the world and it has about twenty eight vessels in its fleet. Not all ferries operate all of the time but between all the ferries in their fleet there will be at least one or more ferries available to you all year round. The state ferries operate anywhere between Washington and Alaska and some of the ferries are even equipped to take you and your automobile on board. The price of the use of these ferries will vary depending on the time of year, where you are going and what type of automobile you will be bringing on board.

Dinner Cruises

These types of cruises are perfect for a romantic date night. You will receive first class service with a five star rates chef prepared meal. Appetizers and a great bottle of wine are a must when you take a dinner cruise around Seattle. Dinner cruise vessels can accommodate anywhere from ten to two hundred people so unless you rent out the entire boat you can expect to have at least a hundred other people on your vessels with you. There is assigned seating so you won’t have to worry about scrambling to get the best table and you will have to make reservations in order to get on the boat. Children menus are typically available for children under the age of five and senior citizen discounts are available through most tour companies.

Day Trip Boat Ride

Day trip boat rides are typically used by people who want to go from Seattle to Canada. You can purchase a one way or round trip ticket for this journey and the price will cost you about one hundred dollars for a round trip tickets and about fifty dollars for a one way ticket. On the boat you will have luxury seats with room to stretch your legs and you can also enjoy shopping in the duty free gift shop which means no sales tax will be added to your purchase. Most of these types of day trips will have meals and or snacks that you can purchase while you are traveling to your destination.

Another one of the many fun Seattle boat tours are the old WWII duck boats.  They are kinda like a Seattle landmark, and super fun, and you get to see a lot of the city.  The prices are reasonable too, so it’s a family friendly ride.

Rent Your Own Boat and Cruise

This is a great option for people who are experienced on the water and know what they are doing. This surely isn’t recommended for first timers. If you aren’t experienced on the water you can still rent your own boat but you will also need to hire a boat captain to operate the boat for you. This option is a great and private way to enjoy your time on the water in Seattle, but get ready to break out the big bucks because this can cost you in upwards of five thousand dollars for about six to eight hours.

There are many different options for you no matter you are looking to do on the water in Seattle. Always remember that before you get close to any water that you and your family know the dangers of water and that everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency situation on the water. Safety is always the key to having a good time.

Planning The Perfect Sightseeing Tour

Washington State Tours

Why You Need to Get Out Sightseeing!

For most people planning the perfect sightseeing trip is part of the excitement. One of the most valuable things that we have is time. Our lives are so busy and we are often under incredible pressure – so that eagerly awaited sightseeing trip is more than just an expense. It is one of the things that will allow us to enjoy some valuable work/life balance.

However, that planning process becomes all-important if we are to get the most from our trip. Here are some hints and tips to ensure that your vacation time delivers in enjoyment and meets the objective of allowing you to recharge tired mental batteries.

One of the best things that you can do to ensure that your vacation delivers by first drawing up an itinerary.

Although there is always the temptation to take in absolutely everything that your destination offers there may be an argument for prioritizing your sightseeing plans. This is especially true when you will be traveling to a country where there is a significant time difference from your home country.

There is also the temptation to ‘hit the ground running’. Add to this the fact that you may be arriving late at night and there is a very real danger of burning yourself out. Take a step back and allow your internal clock to make the necessary adjustments.

The best way to identify which attractions absolutely need to be on your itinerary starts with making a list of the ‘must-see’ attractions. Then you might have to mercilessly trim down that list to those attractions that you simply have to see.

Applying logic to your schedule will prevent that dreaded holiday burnout. If you pack each day completely full you may be doing yourself no favors. You will become flustered and the temptation to rush some experiences can be difficult to resist. The almost inevitably affect the quality of your sightseeing experience. It is far more preferable to immerse oneself in a smaller collection of attractions.

Before you prioritize your itinerary do some research on events and festivals that may be happening at your destination. These can offer an incredible way to immerse yourself in local culture, art, history and cuisine. Not to mention offering great opportunities to pick up that extra special memento of your sightseeing adventure. Factor that festival or event into your planning.

While you are researching your destination take note of any public holidays that may be scheduled to coincide with your visit. These can make using public transportation challenging – and may also limit business hours, including banking times.

The key to a successful sightseeing trip is to plan ahead. If for instance, you intend on taking a cruise from a foreign port make sure that you plan to arrive there at least 24 hours before the cruise ship is set to sail.

Flights can get delayed – and that ship will not wait for your delayed arrival. By planning ahead and developing a watertight itinerary you will be able to maximize your sightseeing enjoyment – and avoid the stress that can be the result of improper planning.